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God Works in Mysterious Ways

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I own Museum Hill B&B in St. Joseph, MO. I had a call one day from Karen wanting to know what kind of a deal on two rooms we could do for them as they were on a tight budget. Already staying with the sisters in Clyde, MO. she did not want to take advantage of their kind offer. She mentioned some kind of book, which I knew nothing about, and could I recommend a place to have a book signing. Still knowing nothing about the book or what kind it was, in the back of my mind, I was hoping to have it here just to get exposure. But I thought, let them see where we are and if it would work for them after they had checked-in. Well, I made her an offer on two rooms and she accepted. While checking in very late that night upon entering, a gentleman (Biilyo) comes through the door saying, “Oh My God you’re in our book!” I’m thinking, “What?” He went out to the car and brought in this fabulous book. For Buchanan County, he had chosen to paint Museum Hill’s Historical District – three grand homes on a hill built in the late 1800’s and we are the middle home. I could not believe it! What’s even more strange is that they did not know that the B&B they had chosen was the image in the painting until that night. If they had not decided to stay here, I would never have known about this book and being one of the homes in the Buchanan County image. God does work in mysterious ways. We are very pleased and excited to have Karen and Billyo back for a book signing at Museum Hill Bed & Breakfast at the end of January 2009. What a beautiful book this is and what I love most are Billyo’s stories of how he chose the setting or what he had to endure to paint each one on location. A true love of beauty seen through his eyes. Thank You. – Beth Courter

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